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The System Missing the Boat

March 2, 2015


Dr. Fox comments on

OK, here’s a great example of the system missing the boat.  A long article referencing new medical treatments and how the early detection of disease might actually be bad, yet completely fails to mention the one most important aspect of our lives: nutrition.  Yes people are limping along with a long list of ailments and medications to treat each one.  Before 1970, most people didn’t even go to the doctor and rarely took medicines.  Sadly our worsening diet since that time has ravaged our systems and sent millions to doctors for medications to treat carbohydrate toxicity.  It would be like the government suddenly recommending alcoholic beverages at each meal.  We would see a huge increase in chronic liver failure and other related diseases.  Not too hard to see but nobody and I mean nobody wants to see carbohydrates as a similar toxin.  Sad but the generations following childhood in the 1960’s are all going to suffer immeasurably in their later years and spend all their savings on medicines and doctors.  It’s not about early detection, it’s about removing a toxin.  We need to refocus our thoughts…………..

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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