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Don’t eat for two!

April 20, 2015

Dr. Fox responds to the following article:
This is no surprise since if you include normal weight obesity (high fat % in normal wt women), more than 60% of our population now are overweight!!  Staggering, yet not really making the news and the government is ignoring the fact for the most part.  Medicine and Science are just clamoring for drugs and or procedures to fix the problem.  Even in normal weight obesity, insulin resistance is a problem.  When the insulin resistance worsens in pregnancy, we start seeing increased weight gain (>25lbs) and hence the title of this article.  Again however, there will be little if any focus on nutrition and if so, it will be the same old low calorie, low fat song, we’ve heard now for 35 years now.  I ask you, “is it working.”  I hope you can answer no.  Anyone needing help with nutrition, even in pregnancy, we are happy to help.  The unborn fetus needs large amounts of fat and protein and not the metabolic roller coaster that carbs creates.  Elevated blood sugar in the mother is what stimulates increased insulin production in the fetus and secondary weight gain.  Ever wonder why our babies are so big.  The cave woman had no access to cesarean section and yet we survived as a species.  The babies were probably smaller in the 6-7lb range and woman rarely had any problems with delivery.  We certainly see this in the animal world.  Just some thoughts……….
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine 

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