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Many Misunderstand How Common Miscarriage Is.

May 14, 2015

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Many Misunderstand How Common Miscarriage Is.

This article points out what we see every day. People don’t realize how common miscarriage is. They however, I think, overstate the miscarriage rate. For first pregnancies, the rate is about 15% and after one miscarriage the rate is about 20%. The stated rates for IVF are 25%. iVF probably doesn’t raise the rate but we monitor so much more closely that the rate seems higher due to earlier detection of pregnancy. We are testing at 4 weeks and most women on average test at 6 weeks, missing a number of the early pregnancies. When looking at rates, it is important how miscarriage is defined and how early testing is done. When testing is done at 3 1/2 weeks with sensitive blood tests the rate is more like 40-50%.

This all relates to the findings in the IVF lab which teach us that the vast majority of human embryos are abnormal and either don’t give a pregnancy (last 2 weeks) or result in clinical miscarriage. Even in young women, the IVF success rates don’t exceed 60%. That’s with many embryos being produced. Either we live in a much more toxic environment (nutrition, stress, other) or nature made humans less fertile for a reason. We don’t have the right answer. It’s hard to believe though, that humans would be any different than animals and not achieve pregnancy almost every time they are exposed?

One last thought, remember a miscarriage carries nearly the same emotional loss as a late term fetal death or death of a newborn child. Families should be especially sensitive to these losses and patients should be open with their feelings and not keep it inside causing more emotional distress..

Dr. Fox

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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