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The importance of nutrition during pregnancy.

May 16, 2016


These articles highlight the importance of Nutrition in pregnancy. The neurologic studies looking at brain site activation is interesting . There are other studies comparing sugar to cocaine with similar results. Our babies really don’t have a chance if we don’t focus on nutrition. This short article like others outlines the problem but really is weak in its call to action. Medicine needs to wake up and smell the roses………our food is killing us…and harming our babies!!

Carbohydrates and the proteins in wheat are “drugs.” These drugs are making our population sick, but mounting support in research and in theory that metabolic disease is triggered during the pregnancy by signals from the mother to the fetus. The idea is that the genetic problem is not coded into the DNA as a mutation like cystic fibrosis, but is present in everyone’s DNA and is only activated when signaled to do so. I believe as highlighted in the second article that it is a stress signal that goes to the fetus. Hypoglycemia, caused by carbohydrates in the insulin resistant, obese mother would provide such a stress. It would signal a lack of food in the environment. Other hormonal responses could be the signal, but nature’s desire to fatten up an animal would have to stem from starvation or stress. We see this in people who have experienced serious starvation. Yo Yo dieting is in part due to this type physiological response.

These articles continue with the calories in calories out mantra – the search for why the obese individual would eat more. Thus blaming the obesity on overeating and not inherent disturbed hormonal responses to macronutrients as all the science would indicate. As long as these beliefs are shared by everyone, the real answers are going to remain obscure and research will be misdirected. In addition, it is important to note as in all of medicine, the articles focus on the obesity as the “cause” of the problem and not just another effect. As the authors state, the focus should be on weight loss before pregnancy because due to the simple association between obese mothers and disease in the offspring, it MUST be the cause. Yet there is no scientific evidence to show this, merely the extreme bias of the authors to believe that obesity causes disease. This slippery slope has prevented the science of nutrition from moving in a healthy direction. Insulin resistance is the cause of obesity, hypoglycemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, etc., and is ultimately the cause of sick transformed babies -NOT obesity. Until mainstream medicine can get its arms around this, we will still see simple recommendations to lose weight by eating less and exercising more, both of which don’t work. Sorry for the length of this discussion but this is a very important area and one that needs much more attention.


Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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