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Abnormal Cortisol Levels Pre-Pregnancy May Affect Baby’s Size.

April 27, 2016

Abnormal Cortisol Levels Pre-Pregnancy May Affect Baby’s Size.


It makes common sense that stress would be bad for pregnancy.   This study puts some numbers on the problem.  Our world today compared to a short 40 years ago is fraught with enormous external physiologic stressors.  Physiologic stress is when your brain senses a life threatening stress.  Low blood pressure, low oxygen, low blood sugar etc. are responded to in a similar way to a life threatening trauma by your brain.  Fight or Flight is the name given to this brain response.  Different from emotional stress, other physiologic stressors include, nutritional stress (hypoglycemia, hunger), Aerobic exercise, over connectivity (cell phones), government stress (taxes, devaluing our dollar; two family income requirements etc.), sleep disturbance stress (sleep apnea, stress induced estrogen deficiency, drug induced estrogen deficiency).  Add a little ‘typical’ emotional stress to that and it’s the perfect storm.  It’s no wonder that divorce rates have skyrocketed, and the crime rate including psychiatric breakdown crimes such as shooting sprees abound.  Fertility problems are on the rise as well and most women we see are on at least one of, antidepressant, anxiety, headache, or ADD medications.  This has been a slow insidious change in our world and now we have two generations with no recollection of the past.  The message in this study and the conclusions recommending stress reduction are paramount for health and happiness.  Food for thought……

Dr. Fox
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine 

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