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Be Careful Who You Listen to

January 15, 2015

Unfortunately, in television, our most visible media source, the medical information presented is often incorrect. Sadly, even some doctors get their information from these news sources. Dr. Oz in particular has become somewhat of an establishment for medical information, especially nutritional information. All public media sources are designed to create a wow factor to further the viewing audience and sadly there is no real filter for determining the correctness of the information. It’s all about selling you the public. I have friends who have been asked to go on the OZ show as particular experts, yet they have been told what they have to say even when it contradicts their particular beliefs or position on a subject. Some of these experts have caved to the pressure and made statements they don’t believe in and others have declined to join the show. You can google the Gary Taubes show to see how Dr. Oz heckled Gary when he disagreed with his statements. I’ve seen bits of the show later where Dr. Oz supported the beliefs of Gary Taubes but with no credit given, trying to make the viewers believe that these were his ideas. It truly is pathetic. We see patients all the time and I have family members who religiously follow his advice. Nice to see a scientific approach to his discredit!!
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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