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Being Overweight At Start Of Pregnancy Tied To Six-Fold Risk Of Diabetes Later.

September 21, 2015

Dr. Michael Fox responds to the following article:

I don’t know why this seems to be such a newsworthy topic. We have known this type of information for years. Insulin Resistance is the reason people are overweight and the ultimate cause of type II Diabetes. Therefore, it should be no surprise that being overweight at anytime in life will predispose to diabetes. The problem with pregnancy is the dramatic increase in insulin resistance caused by the hormones of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very dangerous time for a woman metabolically, and if no attention to nutrition, metabolic dysfunction accelerates dramatically. As a result metabolic disease such as Diabetes comes sooner. We use the simple analogy of the ghost of Christmas future from the Christmas story. Pregnancy shows what is coming 10 years down the road. Weight gain, diabetes and hypertension of pregnancy are among these visions. There are a host of other reasons to pursue careful low carb high fat nutrition in pregnancy. We are happy to work with pregnant patients with nutrition throughout pregnancy.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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