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Carbohydrates & Cancer

January 20, 2015

Finally starting to see more references to carbohydrates and cancer. The Doctors that entered colonial Africa and South America in the early 1900’s working with populations that had never seen western food and did not practice agriculture to any real extent, found a ZERO incidence of cancer. Based on our societal bias now, one could easily just say that their environment was not polluted with chemicals and radiation but the far far more likely issue was the fact that in all those populations carbs were essentially absent and Fats made up the vast majority of their diets. If you think of pollution and exposures, you should think of the many times per day that you ingest chemicals (“food:” carbohydrates, fats, and proteins). If you can accept or even speculate with us that carbohydrates are extreme toxins to our system, then the pollution in the diet is where the problem lies. Not to mention the 20 – 50 some odd “added ingredients” in processed foods; words we’ve never even heard of?? The truth though lies in the fact that cancer was prevalent even before significant processed foods were available. This leads us to the carbohydrate chemical, drug, food……….whatever you want to call it, as the most likely culprit for cancer!
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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