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Consumption Of Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tied To 180,000 Deaths Each Year, At Least!

July 6, 2015

Consumption Of Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Tied To 180,000 Deaths Each Year.

This is likely a gross underestimate by the researchers who are trying hard to be conservative and not subject to undue criticism.  It is sad in a world concerned with pollution, drug addiction, drug toxicity, and general health that we actually have to do studies to figure this out!!  It is common sense and the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.  My 9 year olds clearly get it so why is it that the research world and the regulatory world can’t get there arms around this idea?  The answer is simple: If sugar and carbohydrates are proven to cause this much disease, they will be banned as other toxic substances have been in our world.  Since everyone in America (and the world) is addicted to carbohydrates, no one including the research community or the regulatory community is willing to give up the addiction.  From human nature we would now that psychologically this would be nearly impossible and the regulatory community is being incentivized by food companies to continue the status quo.  Only a national grass roots effort will bring about change!  We all need to be advocates for ourselves and our families, especially the children.
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine 

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