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Daylight Savings Time May Be Tied To Increased Miscarriage Risk Among Some Women Undergoing IVF, Study Indicates.

February 16, 2017


In this study the relationship of recent time change to other times of the year was evaluated in regards to pregnancy rates with IVF.  As expected the time change does cause a problem and lower the rates.  I for one feel “off” for 1-2 weeks after the change.  This feeling is physiologic stress, led by sleep disturbance.  Think about it we don’t change our sleep wake rhythm but the time changes.  Sleep is off for a period ? 1-3 weeks while people either stay up “an hour later” or have to get up an “hour earlier.”  This is yet another level of support for physiologic stress reducing pregnancy rates.  It also underscores the absolute importance of sleep.  Remember, a minimum of 7 hours but preferably 8 hours.
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine 

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