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Dr.’s Fox and Lipari collaborate in Robotic Surgery

December 6, 2012

Dr.’s Fox and Lipari visited Atlanta recently to work with Dr. Ceana Nezhat. He and his brothers are leaders in the field of laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. Dr. Nezhat has recently added Robotic Surgery to his practice and the trip was intended to learn the utility of this technique in Reproductive Surgery. The Robot has been recently introduced to help surgeons do more difficult laparoscopic procedures such as Myomectomy, Tubal Reversal, and Endometriosis etc. Dr.’s Fox and Lipari have been performing these laparoscopic procedures for 12 years utilizing traditional laparoscopy and hence don’t “need” the robot to accomplish these surgeries. There are very complicated cases that currently take hours to complete laparoscopically. It is our hope that the robot, a tool to improve visualization and ease of operation could diminish the time to perform the most complicated of cases. The Dr.’s had a great visit and Dr. Fox and Lipari will be adding robotics to their approach this fall for selected cases. Currently, we are scheduling cases in early October.

Many cases will continue to be performed in the traditional laparoscopy environment due to the increased cost and limited availablility of the robot at this time in OR’s around Jacksonville. Our hope is that over time newer, more streamlined robotic machines and wider availability may improve the overall surgical experience in many of our more complicated cases.

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