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Check My Fertility

Ready to take the next step in becoming pregnant? 

We  offer a service to have a fertility evaluation called “Check My Fertility.” In this service, we use our detailed review of your history to identify potential problems and would recommend a few very basic tests. This process, can identify subtle issues that might be missed in our questionnaire above. Couples at risk for age related problems, are one of the important areas we try to identify that can be significant even in the 20’s age group (female age). This service is helpful for couples who are thinking about putting off fertility for school or career reasons or the couple who is planning to start trying for a pregnancy. With couples waiting later to start trying in today’s world, increasing the time to pregnancy is important. Fertility is a couples diagnosis, and we see too many couples who essentially waste a great deal of time and then run into age related issues that only complicate their situation further.

Check My Fertility Evaluation

  • Covered by most insurance plans
  • If you don’t have insurance or your plan does not cover fertility evaluations, we have an affordable charge of $300 which includes:

Extensive history and record review

Preliminary Fertility Evaluation

Create individualized Fertility workup

Interested in a Fertility Evaluation?

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