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Embryo Donation (Adoption)

 Embryo donation is a wonderful process by which a couple that has completed their family aids another couple in realizing their dream.  Embryos that are cryopreserved are donated to another couple that is either unable to have a child utilizing there own oocytes (eggs) and sperm or desires to utilize embryos that would otherwise be cryopreserved for the long term.  Pregnancy rates are typically high since the embryos that are cryopreserved typically come from couples that have had successes in the past and have been “good responders” to ovarian stimulation.  The donating couple has been screened in the usual fashion as all couples proceeding with IVF.

A treatment cycle for a couple receiving donated embryos would be similar to an endometrial stimulated or frozen embryo transfer cycle.  An injectable medication is utilized for a short duration to prevent ovulation as estrogen is administered to prepare the uterine lining. Once the lining is optimal, progesterone therapy is added to mimic the physiology of ovulation.  The embryos are thawed and the desired number of embryos is transferred after a discussion of success rates and multiple birth rates.  This process has proved to be a wonderful option for many couples with superb success rates.