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Shared Egg Donation

Shared Egg Donation can occur in two ways.  First, an anonymous donor can be shared between two commissioning couples and second, a patient undergoing IVF who meets donor criteria could donate half of her eggs to a commissioning couple in exchange for some financial assistance for her own IVF cycle.  The remainder of the procedure is the same as with standard egg donation cycles.  (see other pages).  In either event, the cost of the egg donor cycle is less than a standard egg donor cycle.

We are doing less and less shared donor cycles over time.  The demand is less, the pregnancy rate is slightly less than the standard 50+%, and the wait time is usually longer.  The increased wait time is due to the added coordination of the second commissioning couple.  Thus, intermittently this service may be available.  Please inquire with our nursing staff, 904-493-BABY (2229).