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Insulin Resistant Info

December 15, 2014

If you carefully follow an insulin resistant (60% of the population) woman’s weight curve, what you see is a 5-12 pound annual increase and then a spike of 30-75 lbs for the first pregnancy and 15-40lbs for each subsequent pregnancy. .
Pregnancy is an insulin resistant state brought on by pregnancy hormones, progesterone, HPL etc.  This is nature’s way of protecting the cave woman from starvation and subsequent death or loss of the pregnancy.  In cave times, there had to be periods of starvation, thus it would make sense for the pregnant female to add to overall fat stores for those periods. The insulin resistance does just that.  But the increase in a low carb high fat food environment would be a mere 5-10lbs or 20,000 to 40,000 calories, enough to survive for an extra week or two in starvation.  
Unfortunately, it is not cave times but the body doesn’t know that.  In a high carb environment, weight gain is 20 – 100lbs depending on the degree of one’s insulin sensitivity.  We see weight gain of 30+ lbs in pregnancy as a clear sign of insulin resistance.  And guess what, if you are insulin resistant, you lose 12lbs or so of baby and fluid and the rest is just added to your annual weight increase.  This then produces what I call the weight spikes of pregnancy.  To avoid this, follow a strict low carb high fat diet during pregnancy.  Exercise and breast feeding as the article suggests doesn’t really help.  An added benefit of the diet is that your beloved child will get exactly what it needs for brain development, Fat and Protein!  The dietary carbs stimulate fetal insulin production and hence fetal weight gain.  Ever wonder why diabetics and so many women in our population have big babies??
It is very sad that our healthcare system is missing the elephant in the living room……..Correct Nutrition???
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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