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Intense Brainwashing of Our Children

January 15, 2015

So after a long day at work, I settle in at home to help my triplets with 3rd Grade homework and this is the MATH book page for the night.

Of the 15 total questions, 4 referenced food and in each case sugar containing foods.
Marshmallows in #2,
Chocolate in #4,
Cookies in #10, and
Cupcakes in #13.

The two pictures on the page both had sugar as the subject. This is math homework y’all! After seeing this, I paged through the rest of the book and there were probably 30-50 references to food all of which were carb laden foods. There were a few referencing apples but still fruit is sugar. No steak, no broccoli, no butter….

Let’s for one second accept our premise on nutrition, one that we promote to everyone every day, the low carb high fat is good and sugar and carbs are highly addictive toxins premise, and now examine the intense brainwashing of our children. Have you ever picked up those picture books for the 12-24 monthers where they are trying to associate pictures with names/words. The only foods in those books are carbs & sweets (candy canes, ice cream cones, banana split, donuts, cakes, etc.) fruits and the vegetables are mostly carrots and corn and the like (highest carb containing). What is that all about?!?! over 90% of the foods pictured would not be in our diet recommendations, EVER!

Simply stated, addiction is the final common pathway. The world is addicted to the drug sugar and to the broader category of carbohydrates. Our authors, children’s book authors, scientists, doctors are all addicted and live in a traditional paradigm of high carbohydrates as the norm. Our children and later / future adults have No Hope; not with this as the beginning. Just step back and think about it……..The caveman didn’t eat like this or come anywhere close. Food for thought………………

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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