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IVF and insurance coverage

April 11, 2014

It’s about time that the insurance companies start to look at real costs of overall care. In the Fertility world the costs include those of the pregnancy and infant care, not just the fertility treatment. Years ago, it was said that a singleton pregnancy delivery and infant care cost was 12,000 – $15,000 while twins was $50,000, triplets $250,000 and quadruplets $1million or more. That’s a lot of IVF cycles!!! There is great merit to this argument. The problem though with insurance coverage is that often it is lacking or limited. It may only cover certain things or a fixed number of attempts. If this change is to be made, it needs to be done in a rational way. The only other major drawback is that in states where there is coverage, many patients that don’t need IVF are rushed directly into that therapy. This also happens in self pay situations as well where patients are given sometimes unrealistic hopes of pregnancy with IVF. In our experience, most patients would rather use low tech means to achieve pregnancy if possible. This is our number one directive: use IVF only when it is truly the best therapy for the patient.

This is a very interesting study regarding mandated IVF coverage

Dr. Michael D. Fox


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