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LCHF Surprise Benefits in Austria

July 23, 2014

Today Dr. Fox’s son wrote in from Austria about his Low-Carb High Fat diet experience.

“So found something interesting out the other day. I’ve been going utterly nazi strict on the LCHF/Primal diet now since April 5th, because I felt like such crap the whole time we were traveling because of the lack of nutrition. And I mean strict, I literally haven’t had a carb that wasn’t from a bell pepper, or a cucumber, tomato, etc. Some interesting observations. I have had the easiest time falling asleep, basically as soon as I get in bed, and my special iPhone sleep reader says I’ve been getting 100% sleep quality, which is a big change. I already knew this was a positive side effect, but the interesting thing happened outside. So it was sunny on Monday, and after so much sun withdrawal I decide to bask in it. Outside, without a shirt, the Austrians probably though I was nuts but oh well. And, I fell asleep. In the blazing sun. Me, the son of a redhead, burns like a lobster, for an hour and a half. When I woke up I knew I was going to be cooked, but instead, the next morning, I noticed a tan line on my belly, and absolutely no burns. After an hour and a half, that is un heard of for me. I am just amazed at what this diet does. Truly. And for the record, this is the only time I have ever been able to stick to the diet 100%, because at school the food is crap. I can’t wait to see how I feel after three weeks.”

It seems that the LCHF diet continues to amaze in more ways. Who would have thought a diet can change the way your skin reacts to the sun. The more benefits we learn about this diet the more people will be willing to try it. Image the ability to reduce skin and sun cancers simply by altering your diet. Incredible!

If you have a similar story we would love to hear it below!

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