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Migraine Frequency May Increase As Menopause Nears.

January 26, 2016

Migraine Frequency May Increase As Menopause Nears.

After years of taking histories, migraine headaches seem to occur for three reasons: rapidly changing (downward) or low estrogen, rapidly changing (downward) or low blood sugar, and stress. In our experience when the first two problems are fixed, migraines become a relatively rare event. As women approach menopause, the estrogen levels become unstable and bounce up and down more frequently during the day and through the cycle. These changes cause migraines. These findings then are not unexpected.

Where we would alert women is in the 30 – 40 year old age group in patients with endometriosis. Endo causes premature ageing of the ovaries such that the ovarian age might be 8-10 years older than chronologic age. For a 35 year old, the ovarian function may resemble that of a 45 year old. Because the ovarian function has gone from normal at 30 to abnormal at 45, the system is much more reactive. We see patients with frequent headaches, bloating mood changes, anxiety, inability to concentrate, sleep problems etc. Patients with these problems need estrogen supplementation. This association between endometriosis and estrogen fluctuation is not found anywhere in the medical literature, yet it is very real. Estrogen will virtually eliminate the headaches!

As to the other causes of headaches, stress and glucose changes, stress reduction techniques and our favorite Low carb / High fat diet is the answer. We have covered the diet in numerous other posts.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine​


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