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Orange Juice clearly is detrimental to one’s diet!

July 13, 2015

Dr. Fox comments regarding the following article:
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The conclusions of this study are so characteristic of all nutrition studies that “buck the system.” We see this back pedaling response even with the randomized double blind controlled studies that validate the low carb high fat approach. Please read the authors comments on the findings where they essentially retract their results and dare not step on the toes of Orange Juice. They even say, we shouldn’t change any recommendations or thoughts about such a “healthy food” as orange juice. In most such epidemiologic studies where one really can’t draw exact causation from the study, the authors are caught overstating the findings with far reaching conclusions. So to use the typical conclusion strategy by authors the conclusion would be: “Orange Juice clearly is detrimental to one’s diet and this study demonstrates evidence that melanoma risk significantly increases based on orange juice consumption.” The media would generally pick this up and plaster it all over the airwaves. Have we seen that?? No because even the authors act as if there study is meaningless? Why would someone take the time to study something, have findings and then dramatically discount the results. Only in nutritional studies. Next they will publish some other flaws in their own study and somehow the results will be wiped free of the medical literature??
Sadly there was not mention of the sugar in OJ as the culprit, only the photoactive compounds found in citrus. The sugar is the much more likely culprit in the system. The reason grapefruit juice was not statistically significant is because it has far less sugar. Much of what is “orange juice” and reported in the study is a hybrid OJ + ingredients (mostly sugar), like lemonade. There is mounting evidence that sugar (carbohydrates are a significant factor in all cancer development). One study has shown a 50% decrease in breast cancer recurrence on a ketogenic Low Carb High Fat diet! That is a huge change in the demographics of this disease.
Dr. Fox
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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