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Progestrone Cream is it safe?

May 7, 2015

Dr. Fox answers a patient’s question about the following article and the benefits of progestrone cream.

Progesterone is not an essential hormone for women. It is only produced during the second 2 weeks of the normal menstrual cycle. During the first two weeks the ovarian production is essentially zero and the adrenal production is very little but present throughout life. So if what they are saying is true, nature set up a program where only 1/2 of a woman’s life does she have the life saving progesterone as described. Therefore nature must want women to suffer immeasurably half the time. It’s just not true…..another example of anything goes on the internet and now policing of ads.

The following table was offered as evidence for progesterone in the article:
XX = absolutely wrong
?? = presented in a misleading way

Estrogen Effects Progesterone Effects
Stimulates breasts cysts Protects against breast cysts
XX Increases body fat storage Helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips
Salt and fluid retention Natural diuretic (water pill)
XX Depression and headaches Natural anti-depressant
XX Interferes with thyroid hormone Facilitates thyroid hormone action
XX Increases blood clotting and risk of stroke Normalizes blood clotting
XX Decreases libido (sex drive) Increases libido
XX Impairs blood sugar control Normalizes blood sugar levels
XX Loss of zinc and retention of copper Normalizes zinc and copper levels
XX Reduced oxygen level in all cells Restores proper cell oxygen levels
?? Increased risk of endometrial cancer Helps prevent endometrial cancer
XX Increased risk of breast cancer Helps prevent breast cancer
?? Helps decrease bone loss slightly Increases bone building

The table should be flipped essentially. Progesterone makes women more insulin resistant, tending them toward diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, weight gain etc. If it’s such an aphrodisiac, why do so many women not want to have sex during pregnancy and why would nature want that anyway?? Progesterone is a known depressant and hence the reason we give it at night for the sleep promoting characteristic. Again this article is so misguided, it’s hardly worth responding to but women are being attracted to these ads as fast as the one’s for men and erection and penile length enhancement.

Please be careful out there. Safe hormonal treatment is available!!!

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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