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Rate Of IVF Pregnancies Resulting In Multiple Births Has Dropped Considerably Since 2009

October 12, 2016

Dr. Lipari responds to the following article:
This news supports the fact that many fertility specialists are making an effort to reduce the risks of multiple pregnancies by transferring a single embryo in situations where the success rate is high. With the advent of genetic screening, the rate of multiple birth is likely to decline even more significantly than it has thus far . At JCRM, we spend a significant amount of time counseling our patients in regards to the risks of multiples and the chances of twin gestation. In the setting of high quality embryos, it is important to understand that success rates do not change dramatically with the transfer of two over one embryo, however the multiple pregnancy rate does. Although we see many couples do well with twins, the risk to the babies and mother are significantly greater compared to singleton pregnancies. Our goal is always a full term healthy baby that goes home from the hospital when mom is discharged. Single embryo transfer in many cases is a great way to accomplish this goal!
Christopher W. Lipari, M.D.
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