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Referral Hysterosalpingogram Services (HSG)

December 6, 2012

Referral Hysterosalpingogram Services (HSG). With our convenient surgical center facility downstairs, patients who are undergoing evaluation with their primary OB/GYN and need an HSG can now have this performed at our by our specially trained nurse practitioners in our center without being seen as a patient in our office. We provide this service in order to offer the finest diagnostic HSG services available with reports that will give accurate and informative results to the primary physician in order to allow the most efficient direction in a patient’s care. Often if done in radiology, the only information in the report is tubes open or closed. With our physicians who have years of experience in reading HSG’s, interpreting the tests, the primary doctor will receive a great deal more information and direction when the test is not perfectly normal. Our hope also is to avoid the necessity of repeating such tests if patients are referred to ours or other reproductive medicine practices.

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