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Never stop chasing your dream  

Where do I find the words to tell you about my experience at JCRM? My husband & I have been blessed beyond words with beautiful twin girls. They mean everything to us and every tear along the way was worth it. As I think back to our journey: countless negative pregnancy tests, many tears, surgeries, loss, time to heal our hearts, IVF, positives, 2 heartbeats, the love in my heart, the feeling of their little kicks, to the birth of our beautiful baby girls. I am often reminded of Dr. Lipari and his wonderful staff. He never would give up on us. He is the doctor that is more than just your doctor because he really wants this for you. I remember waking up from surgery after I suffered an ectopic pregnancy and the loss of one of my fallopian tubes and he was at my bed side. He told me the outcome of the surgery and I could truly tell he was sad for me on that day. I was devastated that we lost the baby and now my chances of pregnancy were even lower but he was still so upbeat for us and knew we would be parents one day. And that was exactly what we needed. We took a break for a couple of years and then moved forward to IVF and it was successful! If you want a doctor that will be more than just a doctor this is the place. We will always have a place in our heart for Dr. Lipari, Sabrina Smith and the entire staff at JCRM. I look into the faces of my girls and think of all the times we wanted to just give up and I am so thankful we didn’t. I am thankful we had not just a doctor, but a friend in Dr. Lipari that wouldn’t give up on us either. Never stop chasing your dream of becoming parents.

With love,

Michael & Erin

Reassuring and kind  

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Fox and his staff! I originally had an appointment with another reproductive specialist in the area, but I felt the wait time to get an appointment was too long. Then a friend suggested I call Dr. Fox. His office was able to see me within a week, and on a Saturday! Dr. Fox was able to find out why I kept miscarrying when two other doctors could not! We were successful in becoming pregnant and going to his office for weekly ultrasounds was very reassuring everything was going well! His staff was always kind and did not mind answering my questions. Dr. Fox’s associates, Dr. Lipari and Dr. Sarah were just as kind as Dr. Fox. I was sad to have to leave the office after my first trimester! I will always be thankful for the way JCRM helped my husband and I!!



Dear Drs Fox and Lipari,I am writing you this letter as my 3 week old, Hannah, sleeps in my arms after her midnight feeding. Her breathing is deep and peaceful, and I find myself wondering of what she is dreaming as I rock her into a deep sleep. While I will never know what her dreams are made of during her first weeks of life, I can tell you that this moment, as I sit holding our most precious daughter and steal kisses of her sweet cheeks, is what my husband and I have dreamed of for many years. It is a dream we weren’t sure would ever come true, due to my struggles with infertility. But by the grace of God and the assistance of Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine, my husband and I have been blessed with the most beautiful and perfect bundle of joy 9 months after after an ICSI procedure preformed in your office.

James and I have been married for 8 years together for 10. From the moment we got engaged, we dreamed of how our love and family would grow with children. We knew we needed to wait until we were both finished with grad school before trying to get pregnant, but that didn’t stop us from having lengthy conversations about what to name our children, or what sports teams my husband would coach for our sons and our daughters.

After graduation, we planned to start trying to get pregnant. But my career took off in an unexpected direction, and we decided that I should “climb the corporate ladder” for a few years before having children. Little did we know that we would have such difficulty with conception. By the time we came to JCRM in 2011, we had tried unsuccessfully to conceive naturally, as well as with the assistance of oral fertility medications. As I’m sure is the case with many patients who come through your doors, we were worried and uncertain whether there was any hope that we could ever have a child of our own.

Our experience at JCRM was exceptional. Everyone was compassionate and sensitive to the roller coaster of emotions that go along with the fertility treatment process. And you worked your magic to determine just the right combination of medications to orchestrate the perfect conditions for me to get pregnant. On October 3rd, we had a Day 5 transfer that changed our lives forever. 9 months later, we welcomed little Hannah into the world, though we had already welcomed her into our hearts months before.

“Thank you” seems like a completely insufficient thing to say for all you have done for our family, but I would like to offer up our gratitude none the less. Thank you, Dr. Fox and Dr. Lipari, for giving my husband and I the ability to give our daughter her first bath, to stay up with her at night when she has a tummy ache; to say her bedtime prayers before she goes to sleep in her first big girl bed, to pack her lunch for her first day of school, and to watch her walk across the stage at her high school graduation. Thank you for giving us the most precious gift we will ever receive.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Random Message on From Facebook  

I received this message on Facebook:Hi, Dr. Fox,

I just saw that you are on Facebook and I wanted to drop you a quick line about my unexpectedly great experience with lower carbohydrate diets and fertility.

I am 38 years old, long term type 2 diabetic, along with all the accompanying expectations (obesity, hypertension, cholesterol, etc., not to mention very bad genetic lottery in regard to all of that.)

I decided maybe two years ago that I was going to pull it together, get my health in order, get off as many medications as possible, and have a baby. I began a low carbohydrate diet, eventually naturally migrating to grain-free, high(er) fat, whole foods based out of habit and what made sense. I got off the evilest of the drugs, beat my blood sugar into submission, and then asked my regular doctor and my gynecologist for “permission” to get pregnant, and was given the go-ahead. My OBGYN told me to try for six months and then she’d “give me some help.”

I told my long-term boyfriend one night last October, “Come over. This is it.” That was our first “real” attempt. And it took. And I’m expecting our daughter mid-July. I have kept control of my metabolic issues, I have had no preeclampsia, I have been given no restrictions on movement or activity, and I’m still an obese 38 year old diabetic.

Please don’t ever stop counseling couples about what can really work, especially when so many people feel such great frustration and depression. I know that fertility isn’t all about diet, but when so many people are brainwashed into thinking they’ve been eating healthfully and it turns out they’ve been doing exactly the opposite of what could help, it’s amazing that you are fighting this fight.


G. G.

Willing and available  
The staff and doctors at JCRM were very friendly and willing to answer every and all questions we had. The office was willing to accomodate our requests for appointment times convenient to our schedules. The nurses were always available to answer questions in between appointments.KH


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Dr. Lipari, Dr. Fox and all of the wonderful staff at JCRM. Everyone was so supportive of me during this journey despite the many ups and downs. While there were times I thought about giving up, the encouragement and positive attitude you and your colleagues displayed helped me keep going and now we have a beautiful baby girl. I couldn’t be more impressed with the care that I received at JCRM and have recommended your team very highly to some of my friends that are facing similar challenges.Thank you again for all that you and your team did for my family. Take care!


On the right path  
Our experience here with the caring staff has been very great. We were going through IVF for the first time, coming in not knowing anything was very difficult but the doctors and staff answered all my questions and gave all the material I would need to make this experience nothing but memorable. The doctors got me on the right path nutritionally, physically and emotionally. They are the best I could ever ask for and if I could do it all again I would not change a thing!- CS

Supportive and encouraging  
We had a very positive experience! All the staff was very supportive and encouraging during our long journey to becoming parents. We would recommend them to anyone dealing with fertility issues.-Kimberly


My husband and I have been married for 9 years and without children after many years of unsuccessful attempts on our own. Our decision to choose JCRM with Dr. Christopher Lipari was the decision we ever made. Dr. Lipari is compassionate, understanding and very optimistic with his patients. After multiple disappointments over the last year and a half, Dr. Lipari remained very optimistic when I was ready to give up myself. After a very successful first-time IVF cycle, I am now pregnant with twins and could not express the gratitude I feel for Dr. Lipari and his staff along with the help of Dr. Fox. The staff has been wonderful as well and I can not wait to return in the Summer of 2012 to show off the product of Dr. Fox and Dr. Lipari’s “awesomeness.”Thank you,

Rebecca Chiaverini

Long Journey  

I had a long journey to motherhood. Though they were not all successes, the end result was worth the journey. The staff at JCRM cried, laughed, and screamed for joy with me. They are both caring and professional. Dr. Fox is an exceptional physician. You’re never made to feel like there is no hope.Thank you staff at JCRM!


Caring Staff  

Dear Caring Staff of JCRM,After our many years of trying to have a baby, I swore I would send pictures of my baby if we were ever blessed with one of our own. I always loved the baby picture boards at your office and sincerely hoped my baby would one day be on that board. My husband and I won the IVF cycle you all raffled off in May 2010. Thanks to your practice, we got pregnant, and our baby girl was born on Thursday, September 29 @ 3:55am. She was 7lbs, 14oz and 19 3/4″ long.

We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us and for helping to fulfill our dream of having a child.


Heather & Jason

Great experience  

I had a great experience here at JCRM. We came and did everything that was supposed to be done. On the first try we were successful! I want to thank everyone, especially Dr. Michael Fox and Nurse Practitioner Angela Stalvey, for a job well done!

Thanks, Sheronda Rogers


I believe the care and time the staff at JCRM gave me made me able to carry a healthy pregnancy. After three miscarriages, it is hard to believe one would “take”. I give full credit to the TLC I received here at JCRM for this very positive outcome!


Dignity and Respect  

The experience at JCRM was exceptional. The staff and physicians treated my husband and I very well. We personally had Dr. Lipari who was extremely knowledgable and helped us to achieve the results we were looking for. I would highly recommend this facility for any woman experiencing fertility issues. They treat patients with the upmost dignity and respect.




Life Journey  
I am so thankful my OB/GYN referred me to Dr. Lipari and his team. I have never been to a specialist before, let alone a fertility specialist and I have to be honest and say I was not looking forward to the experience. Now I can just as honestly say that I am so thankful that Dr. Lipari and his staff became a part of my life. Everybody in the office is friendly and helpful, I never dreaded “going to the Dr’s office”. All of my questions were always answered patiently and respectfully. I was a patient for 2½ years and during that time I had multiple procedures, tests, etc. I had the opportunity to meet and work with multiple areas of the practice and without exception I always felt that they were just as vested in my success as I was and I always felt like a priority while I was in their office. When you find yourself on this life journey there is nothing more reassuring than to feel you are a part of an experienced team with a common goal. I will always be thankful that I found my way to this team of professionals who held me when I needed to cry and made me laugh when I needed it most. In 5 weeks I will meet my little girl because of this awesome group of men and women, and all of them will always have a special place in my heart.DB

Compassionate care  
I am writing to say how pleased I am with the services from Dr. Lipari and the wonderful staff at JCRM! I have been successful at achieving a pregnancy and am excited to let you know we are having twins – a boy and a girl! I have recommended JCRM to a lot of people who are going through fertility issues. I am very satisfied with the treatment I got from the staff, doctors and everyone! I was treated like a human and not a dollar sign! I am truly grateful for JCRM and the warm, caring and friendly atmosphere your office has! You guys went through the ups and downs with me and showed genuine concern! As soon as the twins are born I will be sending pictures of them to you so you can add them to your wall of babies! I thank God for helping me find your office and for you guys being so compassionate about the services you provide! Thank you again, Erika

Thank you for our baby!  

 Thank you so much for our baby!  I was very broken when I came to you.  Learning about Insulin Resistance healed my body and finally having a successful pregnancy healed my spirit.  Your staff is wonderful and they always made me feel like an individual and not just a number.

Thanks again, Elizabeth


Omar and Andrew Our Miracle Babies  

My name is Brenda Hernandez, I have always had trouble with my cycles since I was 20 yrs old.  In 2006 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, ITP (immunothrombocytopenia) and well we just thought it was these two issues that was keeping us from conceiving until the southside team discovered I had PCOS.  Dr. Lipari and his team, were very positive about still being able to conceive and of course had no doubt in their minds about it.  I really admired that about the team.

 My husband and I are so very overwhelmed with joy to have not one but two beautiful healthy boys.  We didn’t plan on having more than one baby at a time, our goal was to have one healthy baby but we were blessed with two angels.  Omar and Andrew our miracle babies, we are so thankful to have had healthy twin boys!!!  Dr. Lipari and his team are the best, without them to assist us with my infertility we wouldn’t have had my boys.  Thanks again for all your help…love you southside team lol 😉

Mr. & Mrs Robert & Brenda Hernandez

P:S I’m also sending you photos of the boys..Omar has  a lot of hair and Andrew has shorter hair, these were taken in July, 8 months of age.

Dr Fox Saved My Life  

 My story begins like many, I assume. I have been overweight my entire life; I never ate large quantities of food, just the wrong kinds of food. I also had irregular periods ever since my menstrual cycle began and was diagnosed as having poly-cystic ovarian syndrome but was never offered any treatment options other than birth control pills. My journey with Dr Fox began when my husband and I tried, unsuccessfully, to have our second child. Even though I worked in the medical field, my knowledge of my illness was minimal and I know  the OB-GYN treating me also did not fully understand the magnitude of PCOS and never offered me a referral to a specialist. My sister works at Memorial and knew Gary Gregory; she gave me his phone number and, after a call to him, I made my first appointment with Dr. Fox almost 10 years ago now.I weighed around 225 pounds at that time and was on three different blood pressure medications, had swelling in my legs, little energy and NO self esteem. One of the things I remembered most about my initial visit to Dr Fox was his compassion. He took time to talk to me in detail and at length about Poly-cystic  Ovarian Syndrome and insulin resistance. I had always felt being overweight was my fault, but he made me understand that while PCOS is something I cannot control, I could control what it was doing to my body. It has not been an easy road, there were days when I fell off the wagon and eat things I shouldn’t, but even then, get back on track the next day. I remember Dr Fox telling me at one visit, if you are going to eat a slice of cake, you may as well eat the entire thing because your insulin levels will be raised no matter how much you eat. But then he said it is OK to have a slice of cake on your birthday or even every once in a while but then get right back on track. That made me feel good, I knew I was not going to be perfect but at least I didn’t need to feel like a failure when I ate something I shouldn’t have.

Dr Fox literally saved my life. I have lost almost 90 pounds and have maintained my weight for the last two years. I’m not at the end of the road yet, but I am getting there. People still cannot believe that I have not had weight loss surgery. I cannot tell you how many people I have given the PCOD diet recommendation sheets to, and I have referred two people to Dr Fox who also have PCOS, one of which is a success story. Dr Fox and his team have been wonderful through it all; Susan makes me feel like a million bucks every time I am there, talk about a self-esteem booster! Thank you Dr Fox and your staff for giving me my life back. I have more energy than I have ever had, but most of all, I like myself again!

Cassie Bernard

Everyone’s Journey is Unique  

If you saw me today you would see me with my 6 month old twins Ethan and Ella. If you were anything like I was you would not give much thought about what it might have taken me to get here. You instead smile with internal pain and think “when or will I ever know what that feels like?” However, if you happen to stop me you would find that it took one miscarriage and two full term pregnancy to get here. My son was born May 1, 2006. I never thought I would have to say hello and good bye to him all in the same week. My husband and I both carry a rare metabolic acidosis disorder, this is recessive trait. That means that we have a 75% chance of having a healthy baby. We were told that we had a higher chance of winning the lottery after my son passed away than this happening again. My husband and I tried again as soon as we were able and I miscarried. Then with another okay by our doctor we started trying again. My daughter was born October 20, 2007. We had her in our room for hours before we got the news she was not going to be with us for much longer. I can honestly say that everyone on that floor heard me cry. I never knew such pain existed. How could this happen again…I was in complete shock. I could not believe I was going to hold my second baby in my arms as she went to heaven to be with her big brother. Jace Michael Lawrence.

I was left feeling hopeless and I could not imagine my life without children. The thought of never being called “Mommy,” was inconceivable. I was determined to keep trying until I no longer financial, emotional and physically could. It was not long after that I made our first appointment to see a fertility specialist. After talking with some of the other patients at several of our doctor’s appointments it was then that I realized that I was not in this alone. It was as if I had stepped into a whole new dimension that I did not even know existed. Everyone’s journey was unique and extraordinarily different but each couple had the same desire to start a family. Even though I had gone through so much, I could not help to feel so blessed and I truly did. I did not have a problem getting pregnant and I got to experience what it felt like to carry a baby in my belly and hold one in my arms. Jace and Taylor had taught me more In there brief life than most do there in there long and full life. Jace and Taylor gave me strength as well as all the unfortunate stories I heard from other couples. I realized that I should be thankful because things could always be worse.

After several test by our geneticist and the fertility specialist we decided to do IUI, thinking that I would get pregnant right away. Five IUI’s later my husband and I decided to change doctors. We realized that with the higher percentages of what In vitro fertilization would give us; this is what we needed to do. We knew before making that big of a financial decision we wanted to make sure we did it with the fertility office that was best for us. I felt like we were gambling, we were hoping it would work in the first try because financially it was all we could do at that time. I did everything the doctors recommended from my diet, yoga and acupuncture. My experience with In vitro was wonderful. With an incredible fertility group by my side I stayed positive and focused by truly believing it was going to work.

Thirty-four weeks after my first In vitro fertilization I gave birth to Ethan and Ella on October 4, 2009. My husband and I feel truly blessed.

Ella Marie Lawrence Ethan Michael Lawrence

In Loving memory of Jace Michael Lawrence and Taylor Marie Lawrence, thank you for being apart of making me the person and “mommy” I am today.

Super Nice Staff  

We met 7 years ago in the laundry room at our apartment complex and married a year later. It became a dream of ours to have a baby but we eventually gave up and put the dream in a drawer where it stayed for a long time. We decided to find a doctor who could help us and went to see a fertility doctor. This doctor was not the one for us as we never felt comfortable with him so we decided to put away the dream once more. After meeting Dr. Fox’s babysitter, we realized that God had a plan for us and we decided to try one more time.

From the first time we came to JCRM, we found a warm attitude and good people there. The staff made us feel so comfortable and we knew that they wanted to help us fulfill our dream of having a baby and were not just about the money. We knew we had a better chance of having our dream come true because of the warm way we felt in the office. The way JCRM treats patients makes them believe and trust that they can become pregnant. Thank you for everything you have done to help our dream come true. We are so excited to meet our little girl who is due in late August.

Now We Are 4  
Thanks to the wonderful staff at JCRM

Thank You Dr Fox  

I would like to thank Dr. Fox.When I saw him in November of 2007, about infertility I weighed close to 220 pounds, although my highest weight had been 235 pounds. I had metabolic syndrome, and PCOS. Dr. Fox told me bluntly that he could help me have a baby, but I would not live to see it graduate from high school. I have severe refractory Crohn’s disease, and am already very aware of my mortality. What he said was harsh, and as I left your practice, I called my husband in tears telling him what Dr. Fox said. Shortly thereafter, I enrolled in a clinical trial (then another) for Crohn’s disease, and I have not seen Dr. Fox again, because clinical research subjects are not allowed to be pregnant. So, what he doesn’t know, is while I didn’t want to hear what he said, it inspired me to mend my lifestyle. I now only eat whole food, and lost a little over 100 pounds from the 235. I have kept off the weight for over a year. Other doctors have told me in more gentle ways to lose weight and take better care of myself, but I don’t know that I would have responded to anything other than Dr. Fox’s blunt communication. I am now beginning my second trimester and even with Crohn’s my baby looks perfect so far. I don’t think that would have been possible without Dr. Fox inspiring me to do the tough work to become as healthy as possible, and I am very grateful.

Thank you again, DB

Great Experience at JCRM  
We have nothing but the best things to say about our care and experience at the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine. Everyone that helped us to conceive Joshua, Emma and Benjamin went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable and secure in our choices every step of the way. The staff was friendly and supportive and we were treated like family instead of just another number. We would HIGHLY recommend the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine!Adam and Kate Feldman
Joshua, Emma and Benjamin Feldman born October 2004

Conduit to Successful Pregnancy  

We wanted to send a letter to thank you for being the conduit for our successful pregnancy in April of 2007. After three unsuccessful IUI’s and one unsuccessful IVF, we took a much needed break to give our bodies and minds a rest. All your work to determine the whys to our infertility, coupled with honestly paying attention to our individual needs, was what we needed to get to get the right circumstances in place and have a successful second IVF. Your polite yet informative “bedside manner” was very much appreciated during our journey as well.Our baby boy decided to enter the world at 5:13 am. He was cyanotic during the first hour of his life and had to be transported from Baptist South to the amazing NICU at Wolfson’s Childrens Hospital. Being born over three weeks early, he had a few issues transitioning from the womb to the real world. He was released after five days and our lives have not been the same since. We are overwhelmed with love and awe, as everyday with him is a precious gift that we never intend on taking for granted. We would like to return to your office sometime this year to discuss having a second child. Without your dedication to our desire to become parents, we wouldn’t have our baby in our lives right now and for that we are truly greatful.

PS Although we aren’t going to share his name, we chose it for the meaning “God is Gracious” as he is our little fift from heaven with a splash of science to assist.

A Poem For You  
I was on Glucaphage, Parladel, a hormone patch, too
there were shots to take, blood to give and ultrasounds to do.With a co-pay here and a co-pay there
my bank account had become quite bare.You said I was hyperstimulated, but not to worry,
unless my ovary ruptures, then go to the hospital in a hurry!I wondered what I did before this baby came to be,
then I remembered I spent most my time driving to university.And let me tell you what was really scary,
the day Matt had to go and see Gary.All of these things became very worthwhile
every time I look at my son’s face and see his sweet smile.

Thanks for all you do, it’s a real labor of love,
you helped me get my son, a gift from heaven above.

Now my family is complete with sweet baby Jack,
but I’m sure that one day I will be back.

Love, Jennilyn McMullin

Achieving Our Dream  
Dr. Fox and the entire staff of JCRM,

“Thank you so much for helping our dream of having a child come true.  We truly believe that God used you to make it happen.  Everyone is so friendly and we appreciate everything you did.  We have already recommended you to several friends and family members who are also struggling to become pregnant.”  —Paul and Kristine Wolfe (not yet delivered)

Greetings From a Rainy Holland, Round Two  
Dolgelukkig en dankbaar geven wij kennis van de geborrte van onze DOCHTER:ANIQUE EVELINE, geboren op 29 Maart 2004″Of course we want to tell our success story to others”  — WW & PW

My Sincerest Thanks  
“An official announcement sent with my sincerest thanks.  You guys are wonderful and you really did make my life more fulfilling.  Forever grateful.”  —Diana and Douglas

We Are So Blessed   
“Thank you all for taking care of us and helping complete our family.  James (the oldest) says, “we have a lot of family.”  They are great babies.  We are so blessed.  Thank you again.”  —Bo and Deborah

God’s Gracious Gift  
“We named our baby girl, Mia Ohanna Hancock-Williams.  Ohanna means “God’s gracious gift.” and that’s exactly what she is to us!”  —Thomas Williams & Liberty Hancock

All God’s Grace in One Little Face  

“Can you believe this absolutely precious baby? She is truly our miracle baby! I just wanted you the doctors to know that everything turned out perfectly. My pregnancy was perfect – she turned out to be 9 pounds! we couldn’t believe we had such a big baby!Anyway, all my thanks for everything you all did to make this possible. She is such a treasure, such a gift, and we will cherish and love her forever. Maybe she’ll even get a sibling someday!:)

God bless you all,”



Beautiful Baby Girl  
“Approximately a year ago, I became your patient with infertility needs. This past October my husband and I were blessed with this beautiful baby girl. Working you and your staff was so appreciated as you seem to have a genuine concern for your patients. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and professionalism!”

Thank You From The Bottom of Our Hearts  
“We are so thankful that we were able to have a precious daughter because of you and your wonderful staff. She will be turning one year old the day after Christmas. She is the light of our lives and the apple of our eyes.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”  —Tommy and Rhonda Norton

Feeling fabulous  

At 29 years old, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and put on a low carb diet. At 42 years old, I was told I was pre-diabetic! At 49 years old, I got sick – lost 30lbs, got a yeast infection that would not go away and suddenly had high blood pressure! I was now DIABETIC!!!I got with the program – lowered my blood sugar and carbs, started exercising, started taking metformin, went on statins for high cholesterol and meds for high blood pressure. I did everything they told me! At first, I was better – held things together for about 5 years and then things just got worse. I finally ended up on 2 insulins – 5 shots a day of industrial doses of insulin and STILL my blood sugar was 170 to 250 all day. Now, I have been diabetic for 10 years and there is no hope in sight!

I started a diet according to Dr. Richard Bernstein (Diabetes Solutions) – meat, fish, fowl, veggies and fats! No bread, no pasta, no desserts, no fruit, no fruit juices! In one week, I cut the insulin dose in half and by the end of the next week, I cut the insulin again in half. Then I had to find a local doctor to help me adjust my meds correctly!

I found Dr. Fox on the internet and when I called his office he agreed to see me. It was love at first sight! He understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and he followed the same diet himself which really impressed me!

So, we began in November of 2010. I had already lost 10lbs and greatly improved my blood sugar. By May of 2011, I was down 30lbs and he took me off my insulin completely. He also stopped my blood pressure medicine and the statin drug for my cholesterol. I was TERRIFIED but he had such confidence that I followed his plan and now I’m down 50lbs, have normal blood pressure and cholesterol and only take pills to control my blood sugar. No More Insulin – No More Fat – I FEEL FABULOUS!!!

Dr. Fox was my savior. He took time with me every month, going over my food diary, giving me great advice – basically “holding my hand” – and showing me great compassion and confidence. I could never have done this without him!

Now, he has released me and again, I am TERRIFIED but now, I have a lifestyle – my blood sugar holds me hostage to the diet. I have started exercising regularly and am enjoying my new wardrobe. I feel that this is just how I should eat and am enjoying it. I converted my husband and though not diabetic, he has also lost 50lbs.

Dr. Fox runs a beautiful office – organized, friendly and always the same – another good confidence builder for successful treatment. I am so grateful for this change in my health and so grateful to Dr. Fox for his help in my health journey. Also, kudos to Susan Baker for her help in organizing my hormones and encouraging me with my weight loss!

I leave you with this – before this diet, I always felt hungry and agitated. Without the sugar in my food, I have a calmness that really sustains me in my everyday life.

Pam Pounds, 61 years old and counting
September 21, 2012

Metabolic improvement  
After Sarah won the IVF cycle at our infertility seminar, we talked to her about improving her metabolic system prior to IVF. She had already lost about 60-70lbs using traditional methods of low-calorie / low-fat, with drug assistance, but had never been able to keep going or keep all of the weight off. Since she switched to the low-carb / high-fat nutrition plan we recommend to our patients, she now eats plenty of calories and doesn’t feel hungry. Despite the fat intake, she has lost an additional 35-40lbs, to put her total weight loss now over 100lbs, and she continues to see weight loss. We will be starting her IVF cycle soon with anticipation of great results. Congrats to you, Sarah!

Nutritional Management of Hyperemesis Gravidarum  

Dear Dr.  Fox,Last year I communicated with you regarding using your VLC diet for the prevention of hyperemesis gravidarum, and you were so kind as to send me your diet sheets. I wanted to write to you to let you know how it turned out!

Unfortunately, my results are mixed – partially due to my own error, as you will see. This turned into an extremely confusing pregnancy, with a lot of unknowns!

I kept detailed notes throughout this pregnancy, which I will condense into the main points:

  • I began the diet in April 2011.
  • I found out that I was pregnant on Day 40 of being on the diet (during which time I lost 20 pounds).  I did Stage 2 strictly during those 40 days – the entire time, no cheating.
  • Here is how the pregnancy progressed (and you’ll see why it turned so confusing):
  • 3w6d – I started to feel nauseated during the evening.
  • 4w0d – I continued to feel more and more nauseated, and started Unisom/B6 and Zofran. That night I woke up at midnight dry heaving. I also got a weak positive pregnancy test.
  • 4w1d – I woke up nauseated and was getting very, very sick – losing the ability to swallow. However, during the late morning I mysteriously started to feel better. Over the next hours and days, I continued to feel better and better.
  • 4w2d – Felt better and better. That evening, I started to experience menstrual-type cramping and blood-tinged cervical fluid, so with that and the weak test and resolving symptoms, I concluded that a miscarriage was on the way.
  • 4w3d – Felt well enough to discontinue medications. By the next day I was feeling mostly fine, with just occasional twinges of nausea.
  • 5w2d – Still felt fine. And this is where I have to confess – I started cheating on the diet, figuring that I was just waiting for a miscarriage to complete. (I’m sorry!)
  • 5w5d – In the evening, I very suddenly started to feel awful again. I immediately repented and reformed (i.e. went back on the diet), as well as starting Unisom and Zofran again, and started slowly to feel better over the next week. However, the pregnancy nausea did give me a bad four months, and continued in lessening amounts until the birth.
  • After my several days of straying, I stayed strictly on the diet through about week 11, and then gradually tapered off. I kept a strict eye on how carbohydrates made me feel, and I noticed that they always made me feel worse – that is, better for a short time and then worse. You are absolutely right about the low-carb diet being helpful for pregnancy nausea.
  • -Baby Giles Edward was born on February 12, 2012 (40w5d) – our third homebirth and another waterbirth! He was our biggest baby ever, at 9#9oz, and is growing and thriving.

Here’s the summary: This was the easiest pregnancy that I have ever experienced. My first pregnancy was uncontrolled hyperemesis. My second was controlled with drugs, and was much better. This, my third, was controlled with drugs and the VLC diet, and was much better even than the last. The nausea did put me out of commission for 3-4 months, but nothing like either of the previous times. Had I stayed faithfully on the diet, who knows what could have happened for the better? The main unsolved mysteries are: (1) What happened during the beginning weeks, when I experienced sudden and severe nausea that resolved (mostly) 36 hours later, and (2) Would I have had an even better experience had I not strayed from the diet those three days. I wonder if I even could have avoided having to use medication?

I send you many, many, MANY thanks for your communications last year, and for all of the help. I have shared this experience with many HG mothers, and I hope that the information can get out there to help other women.

Many thanks!


Endometriosis Pelvic Pain  
Pelvic pain from Endometriosis can be very debilitating…at least I know that it was for me. I have suffered from this type of pelvic pain since 1998. When I realized I couldn’t ignore the pain any longer, I began discussing it with my Primary care doctor and then with my OB/GYN. After several ultrasounds and blood tests, nothing was found to be causing this pain and I was sent on my way.
For the next several years, I quietly dealt with the pain from this disease for almost three weeks out of every month. Finally I went back to my OB/GYN and described the pain I was feeling in further detail. It was concluded that I may have endometriosis. I had my first of three laparoscopies with two different surgeons – in 2003, then in 2006, then finally in 2008 with Michael Fox, MD.
By the time I made it to see Dr. Fox I was in excruciating pain almost all the time and I also had a lump that I could physically feel on my right side just under my cesarean incision from where I had twins in 1996. It seemed that every surgeon I went to ignored this lump and I wasn’t sure that Dr. Fox wouldn’t ignore it either. However, during the first consult I had with him, he listened to my every complaint of pain and watched as I showed him specifically where I felt the lump.
In January, 2008 Dr. Fox operated on me and removed almost all of the stage III endometriosis he found internally. He also removed the lump that I felt which turned out to be an enlarged endometriosis lesion that had grown on the outside of my cesarean incision under my skin.
Now I am almost completely pain free and my quality of life has improved 100% than before.  I have had the privilege of having such a skilled & knowledgeable surgeon who took the time to really listen to the problems I was having and help me overcome the pain I was dealing with from endometriosis. I can only hope that if you are reading this and you’re feeling the same way that I did, that you would consider letting Dr. Fox help you.
Thank you, Dr. Fox.

Dr Fox Will Ease my Pain  

 After undergoing surgery with Dr. Fox in 1998, I moved out of state. There I went through roughly 13 IVF cycles and 3 miscarriages.Another doctor performed a laparoscopy in early 2005 and removed my left tube. After more failed treatment, I began having pain again and was referred to a gynecologist who recommended I consider a full hysterectomy. I am only 40 years old and would like to keep my organs as long as possible. My gynecologist told me that no one in the state would attempt a laparoscopy on me given my history.

After reading Dr. Fox’s operative report my physicians said Dr. Fox did more for me than many could and referred me back to him. I am encouraged with Dr. Fox’s experience that he will be willing to do a laparoscopy and only a hysterectomy as a last resort. I am now eagerly awaiting my surgery with Dr. Fox and look forward to the pain resolution I know he can bring.

– Diane


Take Mesmerized and combine it with Hope and you have “Foxatized”

I was condemned to a childless future with imminent Hysterectomy and no options when I landed in Dr. Fox’s office on January 9, 2009. Three weeks later, I had my second surgery in 6 weeks and my whole life changed. For the first time in my history of 4 surgeries, I had a pain free and vomit free post surgical period. Fear of these complications had paralyzed me in the past but with Dr. Fox’s expert care, these were a thing of the past.

I can ever thank him enough or say enough to express my gratitude for what he has done for me. I am now a believer in the Michael Fox way. As I tell everyone in his office and anyone else who will listen, I have been “Foxatized!”

Michael Fox is The Doctor’s Doctor. He brings hope and promise to situations others deem hopeless. Thanks to him now I have a chance – the one thing I did not have before seeing Dr. Fox.

Maryam Pasha, MD

You Changed my Life  
My life changed forever when I turned thirteen years old. I began having severe, crippling migraines that left me literally deaf, dumb and blind. My migraines ultimately mimic or mirror stroke symptoms. With the migraines followed severe abdominal pain and very heavy periods. Throughout my teen years my migraines and abdominal pain were unbearable. I would have periods so bad that I wouldn’t be able to stand up, I would literally lay on the floor, vomit, shake from low blood pressure and bleed. This happened to me several times between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. During my teen years, I consulted with many different doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and family doctors. I was either ignored, told it was all in my head, I was too young to have such pain or I was put on birth control.At the age of twenty-three, I was exhausted and quite ill all the time; I was so frustrated because no one would listen to me. Then one of my regular doctors handed me a pamphlet on the endometriosis association; he speculated that i may have endometriosis but had never looked into it. I called their hotline and asked for a specialist in my state, the gave me the name of Dr. Michael Fox in Jacksonville, FL. I made an appointment immediately and within a few hours of seeing Dr Fox and his staff, I finally had a diagnosis and surgery was imminent. I had endometriosis, three hernias, some blockage of my fallopian tubes and lesions on my lower intestine. Granted, I was nervous before my surgery, but the results were amazing. For the first time in ten years, I woke up a different person. I felt health almost immediately despite the fact that I was sore from the surgery.My recovery is slow and I’m alright with that. I can honestly say that my life has been restored. I have energy, I’m completely migraine free, and I have absolutely no abdominal pain. I have seen a significant difference in my periods as well. They’re much lighter and went from seven to ten days down to only four days. I really owe it to Dr Fox and his team for giving me my life back. I never thought i would ever feel healthy again; I am truly thankful.This is my story ~ Dana Blagdan