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Surgical Excellence

At Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine, our surgical mission is to help couples maximize their goals whether fertility related or the relief of pain secondary to endometriosis or other causes.  Our practice offers surgical skill and procedures that are only available in a few sites nationally or internationally.  Our surgeons have been pioneers in developing excisional surgery for endometriosis, the only procedure that offers a cure for the disease, enhancing fertility and providing relief of pain.  They are capable of performing any available laparoscopic or minimally invasive procedure in gynecologic surgery.

Endometriosis is a devastating disease that is unfortunately very poorly managed in our health care system.  Ablative techniques such as cautery and laser do not cure the disease and have a very poor track record in both relieving fertility problems and pain.  The teaching in medicine has not embraced peritoneal excision despite it’s obvious advantages of providing a cure for the disease and improving fertility and pain.  Even in the vast majority of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgical Fellowships, do not teach peritoneal excision.  Only about 10-15 sites nationally offer comprehensive peritoneal excision for endometriosis and at JCRM we are proud to be among these groups.   Even more unique is the diagnosis and surgical treatment of inguinal pain that accompanies endometriosis in a large percentage of our pain patients.  Failure to address this issue is a common reason for women to have persistent pain after surgery for pelvic pain and endometriosis.   Adenomyosis is an often overlooked component of pelvic pain, pain with intercourse and pain with periods (uterine pain).  JCRM offers presacral neurectomy where the sensory nerve to the uterus is interrupted providing dramatic relief from period pain in nearly all patients.  It is truly a rewarding experience to work with pain patients and transform lives from extremely dysfunctional to normal and productive.  Pain relief success rates with treatment at JCRM are exceedingly high.

Fertility surgery is a dying art.  Due to an unfortunate  course in the medical literature, surgery for endometriosis is not widely believed to be helpful for fertility.  Surgery for nearly all fertility problems  have been deemed “unnecessary.”  Training programs in Reproductive Medicine fail to treat physicians in reproductive surgery and the entire focus is now on IVF treatment.  At JCRM, using sound traditional surgical approaches, we have helped many couples achieve their dreams of a family through surgery alone.  Micro-surgical tubal surgery, endometriosis resection, uterine cavity surgery, and fibroid removal are all integral parts of our surgical program to enhance fertility.  In addition, we offer laparoscopic “abdominal” cerclage and resection of uterine adeonmyosis in advanced cases.

Our multidisciplinary approach provides a skilled team of highly qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and laboratory personnel poised to assist you with the most appropriate state-of-the-art treatments for your individual needs. We have achieved an excellent overall success rate for our patients.