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Take away points from this year’s Low Carb Cruise!

June 4, 2015

Low carb cruise 2015 is now over but was a great compilation of speakers and information.

The take away points this year were:

1. A continued affirmation of the higher fat (75% of calories) and limiting protein to 1-1.5 gms of ideal body weight.

2. Importance of salt and potassium especially in the first week of transition. Bullion offered as the cure for “Keto-Flu.”

3. Intermittent fasting, either dropping a meal, a day or even longer without calories. Suggested though to take in near adequate protein each day even if fasting.

4. Continued focus on organ meats as the real primal source of micronutrients, especially liver. Supplements important if not eating these foods.

5. Growing knowledge of aerobic exercise as detrimental for women. This was a significant message in my presentation.

6. I also brought research that shows Caffeine is especially negative with doubling of cortisol levels. This was the first time this had been presented and was a “shock” to the audience.

7. Hormone replacement was a huge part of my presentation; specifically the metabolic dysfunction that comes with decreased estrogen or testosterone in males.

8. There were presentations from a psychiatrist, with confirmation of our findings that nutrition is a huge factor in neurologic disease of all types and a medical oncologist who presented very concerning data about carbohydrates and cancer development and recurrence.

9. Statins and low cholesterol medicines were universally reported as a serious health concern and should be avoided at all costs.

10. As one of the ways suggested to defeat stalled weight loss progress, caloric intake was proposed. This would be the eating when one is not hungry. The recommendation is to eat until one feels full and stop or as I like to suggest, eat a smaller, metered dose of food and then wait 30 minutes. If still hungry then eat more. These would be natures ways of controlling calories. Don’t just eat out of habit or especially based on the situation (ie, in front of the TV).

We would invite all to come with us next year. Just google “low carb cruise” and you will see where 2016 is already in the works. The speakers slides (powerpoint) will be up in a couple of months and can be downloaded. Here’s to healthy eating!……….


Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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