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Tips on How to Increase Fertility

July 31, 2014

How to increase your chances of fertility.

Dealing with fertility issues can be a troubling experience. There are ways to help improve your chances of getting pregnant while going through fertility treatments. Below is a list that will help you increase your chances of fertility!

Manage Your Stress
Stress is powerful and has been shown to affect fertility. Experiencing infertility can be stressful in itself and learning to manage your stress will greatly improve your overall chances.

Stay Away from Alcohol
Alcohol inhibits many bodily functions including onces involved in reproduction. Alcohol will greatly reduce your ability to become pregnant. Alcohol used during pregnancy can often result in birth defects.

No Smoking
Along with alcohol, smoking is inviting toxins into the body. These toxins have a negative impact on fertility. Once you are pregnant it is still advised to refrain from smoking, as smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of premature labor, decreased fetal growth and other complications at birth.

Limit Caffeine Intake
While trying to become pregnant caffeine should be limited and even avoided if possible. Studies show when caffeine is ingested, chances of becoming pregnant decrease and the likelihood of a miscarriage is increased.

Maintain a Solid Nutrition Plan
Nutrition plays a large role in fertility and reproduction. Our studies show a low-carb high fat diet increases the chance of pregnancy during treatment. It is important to maintain a meal plan to see the benefits.

Take Vitamins
Since it is impossible to get the necessary vitamins from our food it is suggested to take at least 0.4mg of folic acid each day. Several studies have confirmed that folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects in infants by almost 50%. Neural tube defects are abnormal developments of the spine and skull, such as spina bifida. Taking prenatal vitamins while trying to conceive will help increase your chances of pregnancy.

Take advantage of the “Fertile Window”
The fertile window is the six-days that end on the day of ovulation. Pregnancy is most likely to occur with intercourse within the three days before ovulation. Use your body’s natural calendar to help you increase your chances of pregnancy.

Have sex often
Increasing the amount of sexual interactions has shown to increase chances of pregnancy. Studies show daily sex is the most beneficial, as this can be stressful we suggest sex every other day. There was no significant decline when having sex every other day.

Use the proper “tools”
Using the wrong lubricants can decrease the chances of pregnancy. Lubricants with spermicide and water-based lubricants may inhibit sperm motility by 60% to 100%.


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