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We need some real change!

March 26, 2015

Dr. Fox responds to the following article.
This finding is no surprise to us.  For years in our practice, we have identified about 3-4 new diabetics a month in a group of patients who have been faithful with their annual exams with their primary care physicians.  Unfortunately, the medical system is just not using sensitive testing to screen for diabetes and as such many people are wandering our country with the false assurance of health.  In our experience, if a person is overweight and has a family history of diabetes, nearly 100% will test positive for insulin resistance, the underlying pathology that causes diabetes.  It is no surprise that so many new cases are being found.  If we tested 100 people  on the street with no diagnosis of diabetes and BMI>25, we would find 5% frankly Diabetic, 15% Borderline and the vast remainder with significant insulin resistance on their way to diabetes.  In all of these cases, screening tests such as fasting blood sugar and testing for sugar in the urine would appear normal, because these are late markers for the disease.  
The truly sad thing is that even the newly diagnosed diabetics are placed on a 40% carbohydrate (down from 60%) diet and told to eat less sugar.  This is a carbohydrate toxicity disease; do you think cutting 30% of the toxin from your system will help??  Not much and combined with late diagnosis is responsible for the rapid decline in most diabetics soon after diagnosis.  This would be comparable to a smoker with terrible lung disease being told to decrease from 3 packs a day to 2 packs a day.  Who would think this would help?  Apparently, the entire medical system buys into this logic.  As long as medicine and our government pushes sugar and carbohydrates on our population, we are going to continue to get sicker with not only more diabetes but also heart disease, hypertension, stroke, increased cholesterol, weight gain, fatty liver (liver failure), Inflammatory bowel disease, Polycystic Ovary and infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.  We need some real change!!!
Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine 

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