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Why Girls Enter Puberty Early

February 6, 2015

“The real culprits {of early puberty} include two problems that are often overlooked:obesity and family stress.”

Early puberty is just another effect of the ever increasing % of carbohydrates in our diet. The authors conclude Obesity and stress. Stress increases cortisol that increases insulin resistance and thus hormone production from the ovary. Carbohydrates increase Insulin which in turn causes male hormone production to increase dramatically in ovary. Anyone’s fat cells can convert male hormone to estrogen, but in fact in normal female puberty the first hormone produced is male hormone. Insulin also causes weight gain and thus more fat conversion to estrogen. Thus the high carb diet increases male hormone production earlier in these children which produces puberty earlier. Another effect of early puberty is shorter height since the bones are going to fuse sooner.

To address some specific comments and findings in this study: (these findings are no surprise when framed on an insulin elevation platform.

“Body fat secretes estrogen, a hormone that is normally released from the ovaries during puberty and is responsible for breast development.”
Not really, as above fat converts male hormone to estrogen and is not a primary secretor of estrogen.

“The role of sweeteners is intriguing. New research announced last week by the Harvard School of Public Health suggested that girls who drank more sodas were also more likely to reach puberty early, regardless of whether they were overweight.”
No surprise here, increased insulin stimulated by sweet drinks, even “artificially sweetened,” raise insulin therefore raising male hormone production.

“More surprising, strong evidence reveals that emotional stress in a girl’s family can jump-start puberty earlier.”
Stress results in cortisol release. Cortisol increases insulin levels and again increases male hormone production. Just simple physiology.

“What’s more, when a mother maintains a healthy weight before and during pregnancy, her daughter is less likely to get her period early. ”
This goes to the theory of high insulin and glucose in the mother signalling the fetus that the insulin resistance gene should be turned on. The mother actually produces increased male hormone from her ovaries that cross the placenta and effect the female fetus in many adverse ways. This hormone could be the signal that starts the insulin resistance in the child – before birth! Therefore Nutrition is critical both in the mother during pregnancy and in the child during childhood. Early puberty is just another issue in the cascade of negative issues caused by our high carbohydrate diets.

“We also need to continue to improve our daily menus and enhance the quality of school lunch programs. Opting for alternatives to sweet drinks and candy as the ubiquitous rewards for school achievement, good behavior and celebrations is a start.”
Do we really need a study from Harvard Department of Public Health to figure this out??….Wow! We really have swerved off the road pretty far.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine

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