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Woman Uses IVF And Genetic Testing To Select Embryo Without BRCA Mutation.

October 21, 2016

Woman Uses IVF And Genetic Testing To Select Embryo Without BRCA Mutation.…/…/will-winter-kill-zika/504608/

This week at American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the big buzz is genetic testing of embryos. Many are pushing for testing for all IVF patients, while others call for caution due to the possibility that embryos labelled abnormal might not all be abnormal. No test is 100% so we all need to be cautious and utilize this testing only when necessary. There has been an explosion of genetic diseases that can be studied today including BRCA the subject of this article. We continue to inch forward toward the “designer embryo,” where parents will be able to select many things about their embryos. No matter how one feels about these issues, morally and ethically, they are coming and we all need to use caution and for now come back to the fact that the vast majority of couples don’t do any genetic screening on their partners before marriage or conception. This is changing however, and we now recommend genetic carrier screening for couples considering pregnancy. A little over 20 genetic diseases are typically screened for at this time but recommendations are constantly changing. We wish all couples the best in their quest for children and a family.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine


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