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Women and Their Moods

March 2, 2015

Dr.Fox comments on…/su…/medicating-womens-feelings.html

The trail is finally getting hotter. This article says 1 in 4 women are on antidepressants but in our office I would bet 80% are on some psychiatric drug if you include anxiety drugs, ADD drugs and many migraine headaches are coming from the same physiology as the mood disorders. The perimenopausal age issue is very real in age 35-50 year old women. The estrogen levels begin to fall somewhere in this age range. People with endometriosis have a much earlier change and are often very symptomatic by the early to mid 30’s. Estrogen is the treatment, not all the above medications, yet our entire medical system is set up to just treat the superficial symptom of depression, anxiety or mood changes etc. If we included nutritional induced metabolic (blood sugar) swings in this equation we could solve almost all women’s problems……sad but true. A little hormone and a better nutritional approach go a long way. Just google low carb high fat testimonials and read how great you can feel. There are very few physicians nationally that understand the relationship between moods and declining estrogen. Each day we prescribe estrogen to young women with dramatic improvements.

Michael D. Fox, MD
Jacksonville Center
Reproductive Medicine



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